FREE Oil Change Winners

Congratulations Teachers!

These are the winning teachers for our FREE Oil Change Package. 

Kristen Nix

Christine Donnell School of Arts

Kristin is a brand new mother, a wonderful school teacher, and someone who just lost their mother to breast cancer this last year. In her second year of marriage, and with the baby, and being the dedicated teacher she is who always provides her students with the best, I nominate her because it would bless her tremendously.

Theresa Tsylor

Roni Kalkman

Pioneer School of the Arts 

Roni is such an amazing 1st grade teacher! She makes learning fun and she truly connects with each of her students. She has a passion for teaching and it is very evident! You can tell teaching is her gift. Any kid would be lucky to have her as their 1st grade teacher.


Jinjue Serre

Trey Cochran

South Junior High

Trey is in his first year of full time teaching and has been an awesome helping hand around the school. He took on coaching women’s volleyball, women’s basketball and also coaches baseball at Capital High School. During his lunches he works lunch duty in the cafeteria/outside area and always has an open door policy for students who need help or to just talk.

Jamie Wolph


Jennifer Kovacs

Hunter Elementary

Because she is an awesome teacher and care so much about her students and shes my wife.

George Kovacs

Suzanne Tomtan

Meridian Medical Arts Charter High

I love Mrs. Tomtan! She’s always been nice to me and cares about her students 🙂

Ava Sargent

Brittany Woodworth

West Canyon Elementary School

I LOVE promotions and I am allowed to nominate myself, so why would I miss this opportunity?

Brittany Woodworth


Carolyn Kopke

Garfield Elementary School

Best Teacher Ever!!*

Jimi Choate

Mary Ross

Horizon Elementary

She’s my mom and has been working with the school district for 24 years and she’s awesome.

Joseph Murray

Becki Boyd

Lewis and Clark

Becki does an amazing job filling her students days with exciting and fun learning opportunities. She sees each day as a challenge.

Jason Boyd

Moriah Evans

The village charter school

She is such an amazing person and special education teacher! She works so hard and is not paid nearly enough. She always go out of her way to make sure the kids have every thing they need, even if out of her own pocket.

Rachel Breen

Clynton Smith

Burley Jr High

Mr. Smith is an incredibly dedicated teacher. He is usually the first one there every morning, and has an amazing rapport with his students. Mr. Smith drives…to be honest a crappy Geo Metro. I’ve seen him have to jump start it several times just to get it running so he can go home. He deserves to at least have an emergency car kit so he can make it to and from work every day.

Ashley Smith

Rebecca Dahle

Pioneer School of the Arts

Mrs Dahle is AMAZING! My son has some special needs and she has been so great supporting him! She sees his needs and meets them without us even having to ask. She is so positive, encouraging and supportive (of him, and us as parents) there couldn’t be a better Kindergarten teacher!

Jinjue Serre


Katie Conway

Chaparral Elementary

Katie is a very energetic, innovative and caring teacher. Yearly her students excel above others due to her enthusiasm.

Leslie Dyer

Kristine Redman

Sienna Elementary

She put in hours and hours of time during both the school week and throughout the entire weekend to make sure her students have the knowledge to go on to the second grade. She is the most dedicated teachers I have known for over 20 yrs!

Chuck Redman

Margaret Rider

Hillside Jr. High School

She has been a wonderful teacher for over 20 years and truly loves her job and kids. Past students always come back to her classroom to say “hello,” and tell her all the wonderful ways Margaret has affected their lives.

Jon Rider


Do More

Thanks to all those who nominated a teacher for this year’s Free Oil Change for Teachers Day. We appreciate your support to help us help our teachers.

Idaho teachers deserve more in Idaho. If you want to do more, consider supporting the Education Foundation of Meridian. Almost all the money they collect go right back to teachers.