2020 Free Oil Change for Teachers Winners

Congratulations Teachers!

Teachers and school staff are essential people to Driven Automotive. They teach our kids, and they keep them safe. Especially during this pandemic, that means a lot to us. That’s why we gave away 15 free oil packages last spring to area school employees. Their peers nominated them. Our staff chose them at random from dozens of entries.

Thank you for letting Driven Automotive give back to our community. The fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic makes this a significant gesture for our staff. We hope this small gift will impact the lives of people who impact our community every day.

Below are the winning teachers, chosen randomly, and the comment provided by the person who nominated them. Congratulations to our winning teachers and school staff. You deserve this!

Kim JonesSeven Oaks ElementaryShe’s amazing!
Kassi HuwaThe village charter schoolAmazing special ed teacher who really misses her students right now. They miss her too, they tell her every video call.
Nicole’ ReevesGreenhurst ElementaryMrs. Reeves is amazing! She provides top notch instruction to her 3rd grade students but more importantly she loves them like her own! She always has a kind word, patience and a smile. She greets each student and day with a positive outlook and is always looking out for others she can help. She truly deserves this and more!
Stephanie BauerWilder Middle High SchoolShe is my teaching BFF. I could not make it through my work week without her. She understands that building relationships with students is a key factor in what we do.
Mary JuhaszChief Joseph Elementary SchoolShe has been absolutely life changing for my son. Her ability to push him when he needs it and love him before he needs it, is what we need in our teachers so desperately. We are so thankful for her
Douglas MainLincoln Elementary SchoolVery good
Elizabeth PrallSacajawea Elementary SchoolMrs. Prall is the best!
Season McClellandMeridian Medical Arts Charter SchoolHer students love her. And so do I
Tracy SonLowell Scott MiddleShe has been a teacher for 24 years. Works hard to teach all the kids each year. She truly loves her job and cant wait to get back after this virus is gone
Michelle BalliettCompass Public Charter SchoolMichelle is my colleague. We teach at the same school. She is dedicated to her students by not only serving as their middle school teacher, but also as a coach, National History Day teacher, club advisor, and planning events for students. She does all of this daily with a smile on her face and with joy. When she isn’t teaching, she’s a fierce advocate for animal shelters in the area, and is a support system for people in her life. Michelle embodies being a servant leader in all she does.
Janine JohnsonParma High SchoolJanine is a first year teach at Parma High School. She is the Ag Education teacher and the school’s FFA advisor. Needless to say, learning how to wrangle high school kids, and a class of middle-schoolers, alone for the first time has been an adventure. She has the support of other Ag teachers in the valley but there is no one else in her school district. She has been excited from day one and met the challenges presented to her, moving into a new building, trying to re-invigorate the ag program, finding new and innovative ways to teach and finding her niche in the community, head-on. Her students have been successful in competitions and seem to respect and admire her. Even in the midst of this health crisis, she has kept up her spirit and desire to help and educate all the young people within her reach. For half of the year she lived in Meridian and commuted about an hour each way every day. Thankfully she has been able to find a place to rent in the Parma area so her poor little car doesn’t get quite the same workout. I’m recommending Janine receive the free oil change package because I believe she could use a break financially. I’ve watched how much of her time, energy and even money she has poured into her teaching position and would love to see some of that goodness given back to her. I’m very proud of this young woman and believe she is going to be an incredible asset to Parma High School and the community. (Of course, I am her aunt, but I still believe every word of this!)
Katie ConwayChaparral ElementaryKatie is an amazing teacher, the teacher every first grader needs to have for the jumpstart in education. She is a team leader for their first grade staff going above and beyond daily. She continues her education yearly keeping up on every opportunity to bring her students the best. All this while giving her family the best and her son the continued education he needs in this very crazy time. She would love this free oil change as she currently needs it. Thank you so much for this great offer!
Paul WardwellBishop Kelly High SchoolHe has had to work really hard lately to make all his lessons switched to online format.
Melissa GrowCrossroads MiddleSchoolHer care for our students.
Tim Buchtawashington elementaryi am a head custodian we have been working hard too sanitize our school and i serserve a free oil change