Check Engine Light and ABS Light

Is your check engine light on?

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light may be trying to tell you something. If it’s on, your car is receiving an abnormal signal from your engine. This could be a bad sensor or something more serious like a equipment failure. Regardless, delaying to address this could end up costing you hundreds or more.

Don’t Wait

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Is your ABS Light On?

ABS Light

Like your check engine light, you might also see a dashboard light that says “ABS”. ABS refers to your “anti-lock brakes” and if you see this light, it means your braking system isn’t working correctly.

This light could mean that a fuse failed, your low on fluid, or your car senses a problem in your brakes. If your ABS light comes on, stop the car and re-start again. If that didn’t fix the issue, don’t risk it. Take your car to Driven’s certified technicians and have your brakes inspected today.

See this light means your ABS system sensor is receiving an abnormal signal. It’s best to have a diagnostic inspection done as soon as possible.

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