Fuel System Service

Fuel injection system diagnosis, service and repair

Inside your engine, you’ll find a fuel injection system that consists of a fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. These work together to power your engine. Because the filter, pump and fuel injectors are all part of an interconnected system, dirt and debris can clog one or all portions of your fuel system. Debris can also cause damage to other engine parts, which can quickly lead to poor performance or a complete engine shutdown if not regularly maintained.

Make an appointment with Driven Automotive today. It’s smart to clean your fuel injection system annually, or as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and your vehicle owner’s manual. Annual cleaning can greatly length the life of your car. It can also keep you and your family safe during those extra long road trips.

Our fuel service includes:

  • Filters replacement
  • Pumps (including in-tank) diagnoses
  • Injection system diagnosis, service and repair
  • Injector cleaning