Radiator Repair & Heating Service

A radiator repair is always a priority in Idaho. Conditions here change quickly. Your car needs to be prepared for freezing cold one day and blistering heat the next. That’s puts a lot of demand on any radiator, especially yours.

Radiator Repair

If you have a problem heating or cooling your vehicle, take your car to the radiator repair experts at Driven Automotive in Meridian Idaho. We provide expert and immediate repairs on all makes and models for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We diagnose problems with state-of-the-art equipment with trained mechanics who are up on the most current repair techniques.

At Driven, we work on:

  • Radiator and heater hoses replacements and repairs
  • Fan, alternator and all accessory drive belts replacements and repairs
  • Heavy-duty radiator repair
  • Engine soft plugs replacements and repairs
  • Filler necks
  • Heater cores and more!

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