Lexus Service and Repair

Lexus service and repair is our specialty

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Driven Automotive Meridian specializes in the complete service & repair of Lexus vehicles and has a long history of providing reliable service work for Lexus. As one of the most popular luxury vehicle brands in the world, Lexus requires special tools and special training to handle jobs from the most complex to the simple. At Driven Automotive, we have the right tools and the right training for your scheduled Lexus service and your unscheduled repairs. The ASE Certified mechanics at Driven Automotive provide excellent service that you can rely on.

What Makes Lexus Service so Special?

Lexus doesn’t just make great cars. Lexus also provides great service. They expect their certified automotive service centers to keep that service great. That’s why a Lexus owner often stays a Lexus owner.

All Lexus service centers must log a vehicle’s service history into a national database. This ensures your Lexis gets the same support no matter where you go. Certified Lexus shops also need to perform all repairs with certified Lexus parts. This ensures your car gets the same quality parts no matter where you go. Finally, Lexus certified technicians must undergo constant training to keep up with advancements in Lexus vehicle technology. As a certified Lexus repair shop, we provide the same quality service you would expect from a dealer.

We provide service to all Lexus models, including:

We can perform the same services as your Lexus dealer!

Need extended warranty repairs? No problem!

Driven Automotive Meridian has an extensive database that contains all of the manufacturer’s suggested Lexus service repairs. We know what needs to be repaired and how. We have Lexus certified mechanics on staff ready to help you now.

Driven Automotive is the shop for scheduled Lexus service, repairs and maintenance.