Brake Repair | Brake Service

Brake Repair Service

Driven Automotive’s ASE certified technicians provide quality brake services at reasonable prices. We have the right tools, the right machinery, and the right skills and experience to perform any brake repairs. At Driven Automotive in Meridian, we take pride in our service and speed.

If your brakes are not working correctly, your car is not safe to drive. You put your life and other’s lives at risk. With quality parts and brake pads with lifetime warranties, Driven won’t let that happen by performing:

  • Brake inspection
  • Brake pad/shoe replacement
  • Resurfacing rotors
  • Installation of new rotors or drums
  • Wheel bearing/hub assembly replacement or repacking 
  • Brake fluid service
  • Brake hardware replacement

Brake Inspections

Brake ServiceWe recommend you get your brakes inspected every oil change. An oil change will ensure constant knowledge of pad life as well as the condition of other components.

You can catch failing calipers by uneven pad wear. Don’t wait too long to inspect, or you may lose brake pads early. Be safe!

Do I Need My Brakes Checked? 

If you answer “Yes” to one of the following, you may need new brake components:

  1. Has it been over 10,000 miles since your last inspection? Brakes should be checked during every oil change, or 2 to 3 times a year, depending on the number of miles driven per year.

  2. Is your brake light on? The brake light illuminated on your dash may be calling your attention to the brake fluid or sensors. Schedule an appointment immediately.

  3. Does your car pull to one side when braking? This can signal sticking calipers or failed brake components. Braking issues can cause accidents, so schedule an appointment today.

  4. Do your brakes squeal or grind? You can wear through the entire brake pad and, in turn, destroy your rotors that could otherwise be resurfaced. On the other hand, brake dust can cause noise as well. Get an inspection done to ensure safe braking and part longevity.

  5. Does it take longer than usual to stop your car? Squishy brakes are not reliable brakes. Almost all braking systems work via fluid and vacuum, and if there is no pressure: you have a signifcant safety concern. Schedule an appointment immediately.”