Check Engine Light

Is your check engine light on?

Check Engine Light

If you see a check engine light lit, it is trying to tell you something. Low oil, failing brakes, or bad wiring are all problems that can trigger a check engine light. 

While a continuously ON light is different from a flashing light, both types of check engine light indicators are serious. If you have had the codes scanned, let our service advisor know! The results of that scan will help determine if your car is safe to drive until repairs are performed.

Remember: getting the code scanned at a parts store is NOT a diagnosis. Parts professionals do not have the proper technology to tell you what parts have failed. Codes can signify failing sensors, mechanical failures, improper readings, or even false codes that are triggered by a chain of other issues in the vehicle. 

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Is your ABS, SRC, 4WD Light On?

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