Hybrid Car Repair Specialist

Since the Toyota Prius, hybrid vehicles have become very popular. It used to be that hybrid cars were a novelty. That is not the case anymore, with the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and many other full electric or hybrid vehicles filling the streets. Eventually you may be driving one too, if you’re not driving one already.

In order to service hybrid vehicles you need special training and tools, both of which Driven Automotive has.

The Dealer Alternative for Hybrid Repairs

The hybrid battery in your vehicle is made up of many cells make into one big battery pack. Over time they begin to fail, causing the battery to underperform or fail completely. Hybrid battery replacements are typically one of the most expensive repairs. Considering the complexity in servicing a hybrid vehicle, it’s best to leave this job to certified professionals.

Not only can Driven Automotive replace your hybrid battery, but we also service the hybrid cooling system as well.

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