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oil change

Oil Change

Engine Oil Service

Engine oil serves the purpose of keeping the engine block cool by absorbing heat and lubricating bearings or moving parts. Without it, your engine will not run properly (if at all). If your vehicle is low on oil it can cause premature failure of parts, overheating that can warp components and cause leaks, or seize the engine all together. Even if it’s not low on oil, oil breaks down over time and is still necessary to change to keep the engine at optimum performance. For conventional oils it is recommended to change every 3,000 miles, and synthetic oils are recommended every 5,000 – 7,500 miles.

Check your oil level frequently to catch any developing consumption problems. Passing your due date for your next service could open the door for your engine to run dry if there is a problem.

At Driven, we perform all our oil changes with premium oil and filters and do so much more while it’s with us! We offer free tire rotations, we will top off all of your fluids, (and notify you as to why you may have been low on those certain fluids), we correct your tire pressures, check tire tread, and check your brake pad life. With a general look over, our technicians will also keep an eye on your hoses and serpentine belts to watch for cracking, soggy hoses, brittle hoses or belts, etc. Our professional technicians will notify you of any issues seen, heard, felt or found while we have it in our shop. Here, you are our family, not a drive-through customer.