Radiator Service & Cooling System Service

Here in Idaho, the weather can change from cold one day to blistering hot the next. Make sure your cooling system is ready to handle it!

If you have a problem with your heater not blowing as hot as is used to or maybe your engine seems to take longer to warm up in the mornings, your heater core or entire cooling system may need to be flushed. Debris can clog up the tiniest of ports and cause drastic wear or symptoms. Or, it may be as simple as debris clogging airflow to the radiator! Either way, we provide expert repairs on your entire cooling system, hybrid (inverter coolant) systems included.

Do you have to add coolant, but don’t know where it’s going? Schedule an appointment immediately to have our professional technicians perform the proper testing to determine if you may have an external or internal coolant leak.

  • Radiator and heater hoses replacements and repairs
  • Fan, alternator and all accessory drive belts replacements and repairs
  • Radiator system diagnostics 

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