Pre-Purchase Inspections

Why Should You Inspect a Used Car Before You Buy

Experts and professionals everywhere agree that a technician should inspect a used car before negotiating the final price of any vehicle purchase. A simple inspection can tell you whether you’re about to purchase a peach or a lemon.

Peace of mind for just $73.00

Driven Automotive provides ASE Certification

Call Driven Automotive at 208-888-7464 for a pre-purchase inspection that puts the negotiating power back in your hands. 

Are you calling after hours?

You can also schedule an inspection online.

Our inspection includes:


  • All lights
  • Windshield Washer Spray / Wiper Operation / Wiper Blades
  • Windshield Condition (Inspect for Cracks, Chips, or Pitting)
  • Mirrors / Glass
  • Emergency Brake
  • Horn Operation
  • Fuel Tank Cap Gasket
  • Cabin Air Filter 
  • Clutch Operation 

Under Vehicle

  • Shock Absorbers / Suspension / Struts
  • Steering Gear Box / Linkage and Boots / Ball Joints / Dust Covers
  • Muffler / Exhaust Pipes / Mountings
  • Engine Oil and/or Fluid Leaks
  • Brake Lines / Hoses / Parking Brake Cable
  • Drive Shaft Boots / Constant Velocity Boots / U-joints / Transmission Linkage (if equipped)
  • Transmission / Differential / Transfer Case (Check Fluid Level, Fluid Condition and Fluid Leaks)
  • Fuel Lines and Connections / Fuel Tank Band / Fuel Tank Vapor Vent System Hoses
  • Nuts and Bolts on Chassis

Under Hood

  • Fluid Levels: Oil / Coolant / Battery / Power Steering / Brake Fluid / Washer Fluid/ Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Drive Belts 
  • Engine Coolant Protection
  • Cooling System Hoses / Heater Hoses / Air Conditioning Hoses and Connections
  • Radiator Core /Air Conditioning Condenser (if equipped)

Battery Performance

  • Battery Terminals / Cables / Mountings
  • Capacity Test

Brake and tire Inspection

  • Brake Pads Life
  • Tire Tread / Wear Pattern
  • Tire Pressure

Driven Automotive incorporates industry standards similar to the inspection guidelines set by the Department of Motor Vehicles.